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probable scenario

We were asked to design a poster in future design class to unveil the potential future we are heading to. I looked into the cyborg world where human are connected with technology and being part of the big system.
I used the concept from Buckminster Fuller, which view the earth as a spaceship and people should be united for the best of our Spaceship instead of split apart. In future cyborg world, Buckminster’s wish accomplished by communicating technology.

Spaceship Earth

I design a future poster hanged around the conference hall to call people join the bigger community. Why each individual in the cyborg future is important rather than a disposable gear? The value of each individual for the big community will be individuals’ rich memories and behaviors. Every individual’s memory is as important as others in history. Through collecting as much data as possible, we will have a better understanding of the bigger community, human society, and the spaceship Earth.

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  • earthPoster
  • earthPoster