Right story

Right Story is a google home APP, which can alternate the content of what smart speaker said to fit users’ preference.

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Snow White, he she discovers a tiny cottage powered by solar panel belonging to a group of seven Dwarfs. When the Dwarfs return home with the fox they huntedwith the fruits they found.

Off the assembly lines

In 2017, Google presented their smart speakers for kids to have fun with. The smart speakers can tell stories, play games and teach knowledge based on Google’s AI technology, which makes it like a home teacher. But these smarts speakers are all sharing the same database and trained by few giant tech companies.

Alternate content

We know it’s inevitable that your children will learn and understand the world via smart home devices. With our Right Story, you can bring your children off the assembly lines and customize whatever you want them to learn.

— Right Story Inc.

Info branches

Exposed to the specific infos, children are more likely to have interested in the specific directions.

“Awareness of specific pieces of missing information can prompt an unreasonably strong desire to fill these gaps.”
-- Loewenstein, George

Right story sticker

Understanding the importance of the security of personal preference as well as the right to be informed, we provide the physical sticker as the security key to your account and as a clear sign for others to know it is a tailored smart speaker.

Find the sticker inside the radiation-proof bag. Peel off the protected film.

Use your cell phone scan the sticker to get access to the preference setting page.

Select the preferable options. Then we will handle the content and style when it talks with kids.

Put the sticker on the smart speakers installed our app.


Since the preference varies from culture to culture and family to family. We appreciate the difference in this colorful world.

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  • NoPork

Medal of diversity

Since the smart speakers' contents are not neutral, putting the sticker on it help others to realize that it is a personalized smart speaker.

Entertaining guests

With the sticker, guests are able to set their temporary preferences. It's better not to suggest a fried pork recipe when an Islamic family visit.