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“DESIGN IS LETTING PEOPLE enjoy being the user.”

Hello! I’m Clement Liu.

I am a designer & developer based in San Francisco. I'm now a freelancer for UX design. I design for interactive web as well as for graphics on and off the small screen.

My work has been exhibited at California Academy of Sciences and CCA Hubbell Galleries, 20 Years of Form Studio Exhibition, and published by primer conference 2018.

I've always been fascinated by human perception, and how we attempt to understand the new. This curiosity led me to study the beauty of design and the experience we can build.

I hold my master's degree in Design from the California College of the Arts and have a BA Industrial Design from ECUST, China.

I’m a constant learner, maker, and explorer. Please don't hesitate to drop me a line,if you want to recommend a coffee, share wisdom or build things that help people.